May 13

We now have less than 1 month before the big day of our dual sport and adventure ride.

The momentum and interest has been building not only from our club members  but  also from 100+ riders that have already pre-entered and corresponded through e-mail and phone calls.

Things have been going smoothly with the forestry department.  Some of the route sections have been changed or modified due to erosion problems but in trade they have offered us some new and interesting trails to use.

KTM has been quite active with the planning this year due to the help from Mark Hyde who is not only the man in charge of the national enduros but also the dual sport and adventure bike rides.  He is planning on bringing the full KTM support factory truck and some of the top national and international riders to motivate and support our weekend event.

We have a pretty cool new t-shirt design for this year so make sure you pre-enter so you get one free! We also are adding some ladies and kids shirts this year ( you can use a t-shirt as a bribe so your family  let’s you come to the event). J

Last weekend a large group of Dabber trials riders went out with the forestry department and established a new trail for our use that after this event will become a permanent trail to be used for hiking and horse back riding enthusiasts.

We are planning on having one more major update before the day of our event  but if there are any questions please feel free to contact us at

See you all soon!!


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