Apr 25

For a while we weren’t quite sure if we were going to be able to say this but with considerable negotiations with DCNR we have come to a compromise that will enable us to have the event.  As many of you already know the DCNR has posted new guidelines for all motorized events in state forests  which basically eliminates all single track trails in the state forests. Our event on Sunday was not affected by these guidelines due to all the single track riding is either on private ground or in the ATV Area of which we have an exemption for.  However Saturday’s event was severely impacted by these guidelines.  Last year we had 4 alternate courses or sections of single track riding for the more aggressive riders  which DCNR wanted to eliminate all of those areas this year.  After several meetings with DCNR locally and DCNR headquarters from Harrisburg along with state representative Mike Hanna and John Wozniak and the Clinton County Tourist Promotion Agency we ended up with a compromise that will allow us to use 2 alternates this year for the Saturday ride. The main course and the adventure bike course have actually been improved considerably because in our search for available single tracks we found some very aggressive and scenic drivable trails.

This year our usual Friday night format has changed slightly due to the fact that our local Honda Shop has changed locations. In order to eliminate confusion and driving time we have decided to have the rider reception and early sign up on Friday night at The Castanea Picnic grounds (start and finish of the event). At the rider reception our plan is to have representatives from all the manufactures including Husqvarna, KTM, Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, Beta, BMW and Triumph.  There will be a limited amount of parts and accessories provided by the local dealers. Also Wheels of Williamsport is planning an open house and early sign up all day Friday (see flyer with your entry form or website).

We will be having snacks and other goodies provided by the Laurel Run Church ladies at the rider reception on Friday night. For more substantial meals we have included a brochure from the tourist promotion agency with a list of local restaurants and bars. Ask any club member for their local dining recommendations.   Breakfast will be available Saturday morning from the Castanea Fire Company for a nominal fee.  As has been past practice there will be a snack stop mid- way through the ride Saturday and BBQ meal Saturday night. Sunday morning there will be a continental breakfast provided by the club and Sunday mid- way through the ride a full pasta meal at the North Bend Fire Company.

Other points of interest include:

GPS download will be available for the adventure bike course only.  Navigation for all dual sport main and alternates will be by the traditional roll chart map.

We would appreciate you pre-entering for our event as this provides us with the opportunity to plan adequately and gives us leverage in getting support from our representatives and the tourist promotion agency.

Stay tuned to our website for periodic updates.

2 Responses to “The 2014 Durty Dabber Dual Sport and Adventure bike ride is on!”

  1. Pat Raymond says:

    Is there a date for a 2015 event?

  2. Marc Brooks says:

    Yes. Posted on the site now.

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