Jul 02

5 Responses to “2012 Dual Sport Pics”

  1. Barrett A. Depew Jr. says:

    2012, i’m the guy with the stick stuck in my chin. had a great time regaurdless!!!!!! what are the dates for 2013”s dual sport??????

  2. Lisa says:

    Hi Barrett,
    The date is June 1st and 2nd this year.
    hope to see you.
    Lisa ­čÖé

  3. barrett says:

    sorry i missed 2013–i am really looking forward to 2014

  4. barrett says:

    Is there a way to pre-reg. today with a credit card?????? 570-807-8667 is my work cell. or should i send a check in the mail b4 going to work today? i was only able to down load one of the old pre-reg. apps. barrett

  5. barrett says:

    i believe i figured out your web site—i was able to down load the correct pre-reg. for this years event—the check left in the mail today.

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