Mar 21

2011 Dual Sport and Adventure Bike Update

Dual Sport, Durty Dabbers Comments Off on 2011 Dual Sport and Adventure Bike Update

Work on the 2011 dual sport has begun!!!

The series sponsors have changed this year to KTM (primary sponsor) and BMW has been replaced by Yamaha for the Adventure bike series.

There has been a delay in getting  the information that the sponsors want included in the promotional material and we are hoping to receive that this week so our flyer can be completed.  The flyer and sign up material will be posted to the website as soon as we get this information.  Our goal is to have it posted on the web within the next few weeks with the mailing to go out at that same time.

Meetings with the forestry department began in the beginning of March.  All reports are positive, although there will be some changes to the course on Saturday due to erosion concerns. The forestry department did offer some great alternatives which should greatly improve Saturday’s ride.  Sunday’s ride will be changed considerably due to the gas well activity that is happening in this area.  We have some great ideas to avoid that conflict and to add more single track than we  have had in previous years.

Mark Hyde of KTM will be very involved this year and will be bringing the KTM tractor trailer support truck.  Mark is also planning on bringing some of the best off road riders in the country and the world and some of the best bikes as well.  The bikes will be available for test rides and the pros will be available for tips and advice.

If the enthusiasm that we have already received from the sponsors and previous riders is any indication then we anticipate that this will be our best dual sport event to date.

We will post updates to the website as they become available.

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